Plant Track - Matrix Telematics

Plant Track

Security & Safety

This sophisticated technology allow the restriction of access to kit using authorised key codes and Bluetooth smartcards so only individuals with the correct credentials and training will be allowed access. For example, to safeguard working at height, Matrix has integrated technology with industry regulator IPAF so that access can be safely restricted to only those with appropriate IPAF licensing for the equipment on site.

Furthermore, Matrix will alert organisations to any unauthorised usage, and enable remote immobilisation if required.


The ability to monitor, not just where, but how long equipment has been operational also provides an accurate measurement of when machinery is due to be serviced. By taking feeds from key points on each piece of equipment, Matrix can offer an in depth analysis of how equipment is being utilised throughout the operational period. So, if you want to know how many hours a digger has been in use Vs how long it has been left idling, or how much floor space an industrial cleaner has covered, Matrix can tell you.

For more bespoke reporting requirements, get in touch today.

Plant Track can also raise a warning alert when equipment is at risk of malfunction. Our technology detects any overheating, fuel or filter issues – and will inform organisations when proactive maintenance is required.

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