LoneWorker - Matrix Telematics

Lone Worker

Matrix Lone Worker Device

Matrix Lone Worker is a device which is small enough to be carried on person without distracting or interfering with professional duties. Lone Worker transmits to the Matrix servers in the same way as all other telematics offerings so we can actually place the whereabouts of each worker on the map alongside assets and vehicles.

Lone Worker goes one stage further and provides a line of communication with base should anyone working in isolation find themselves in trouble. Both SMS and Voice SOS calls to action can be made by the user to a prelisted emergency contact number. In the event of a worker becoming incapacitated and unable to manually operate the device to initiate contact, an automated ‘man down’ alert will open up communication lines with base once a sudden change of orientation from upright to prone is detected.


Matrix PDA is a small device that offers this type of convenient help to workers in the transport, delivery or maintenance industries. Equipped with satellite navigation and messaging tools, workers can receive job information and routing guidance on the go. Helpful prompts also remind workers to record completed work, collect customer signatures and gather any necessary evidence, such as photography.

PDA allows work schedules to be planned and updated remotely. Activity can then be monitored to ensure all work is carried out in good time, assets have been delivered where they should be and employees have complied with regulations.

The reporting tools also offer detailed evidence and information about completed tasks to aid customer service.

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