Crash Detect - Matrix Telematics

Crash Detect

Receive instant alerts if your vehicle is involved in a collision

Early notification of any accident provides fleet managers with the opportunity to instantly check on driver well-being and seek immediate recourse. 

By raising an alert when vehicles are involved in a collision, Matrix Crash Detect helps fleet managers handle the potential business consequences quickly and efficiently.

Crash Detect uses advance accelerometer technology to provide accurate detection. Our  innovative telematics technology doesn’t wait for the driver to report an incidents as when an impact event is detected, a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report is generated and sent to a pre-populated list of email recipients containing information on the crash location, accelerometer data and a freeze frame breakdown of activity in the time leading up to and immediately following the event.

When integrated with Matrix Driver Score technology and IncidentCam, this solution can also help reconstruct accidents and provide evidence of a driver’s behaviour before a crash, along with video footage to the Matrix portal.  This sophisticated telematics system provides data covering several factors – including the speed, braking, steering, cornering rate and g-force of the vehicle.

Crash delivers a detailed PDF First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report within minutes of an impact event occurring. The three axis accelerometer will record detail from the front / back, right / left and up / down movement which identifies which direction the impact came from – even down to locating the point of impact on the actual vehicle. Full vehicle details are displayed and a location map with Google Street View shows exactly where the incident occurred with a precise snail trail map of events leading up to impact and what the vehicle did in the immediate aftermath. All of this information provided can prove vital data during an insurance claim.




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