Carbit is  small, cost effective and will power directly from your vehicle OBD-II port to deliver up to the minute telematics data and advanced DTC engine management fault translation.

On board diagnostics

By linking directly to your vehicle OBD-II port, Carbit returns a number of real time performance data items such as battery voltage, mileage, coolant temperature and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) from the vehicle ECU. This data is essential to stay ahead of critical maintenance issues and minimises the impact of vehicle downtime.

Plug and Play
Carbit takes less than a minute to install and is compatible with most vehicles below 3.5t. An integrated backup battery will notify you when unplugged.


Carbit is fully certified, features a high sensitivity GPS antenna and robust GPRS module, making this one of the most compact devices on the market. It is also therefore capable of fulfilling detailed telematics reporting including;

•Geofence reports
•Journey history
•Live location
•Driver score
•Business / Private mileage

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