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Asset & Trailer Track


Matrix Asset Tracker has the ability to locate every trailer in your fleet at any time, offers organisations reassurance that their assets are always performing the tasks they have been assigned. Complete with an integrated battery for those trailer units left isolated without power for prolonged periods of time.

Matrix Trailer Tracker has the ability to track individual assets being transported across the globe with full visibility of important consignments and valuable cargo. Our Telematics options will actively monitor current location and assist in recovery of stolen assets

Trailer Track

Matrix Trailer Track provides this information and more. Fleet managers will receive security alerts when any unauthorised usage or unscheduled movements are detected. Additionally provide the facility to report in and remotely control peripheral hardware such as door locks and temperature sensors.

By integrating Trailer Track with standard Matrix solutions, businesses can also monitor whether trailers are being driven safely, be alerted to any incidents of speeding or receive notification if the trailer is involved in a crash.

Smart programming allows the trailer track device to automatically switch to a lower frequency of messaging when the power source is removed, extending the life of the battery and only talking to the system when it needs to.

This information provides fleet managers with visibility of their trailer fleet for longer, with live journey information on connected trailers on the move.

Capable of  full GPS tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App

Asset Track

Matrix Asset Track provides reassurance to fleet managers on the whereabouts of important company assets and consignments. Typically fitted with a robust battery and fit to survive the elements, this truly worldwide tracking service provides visibility of anything which may not be close to a power source for prolonged periods of time.

Assets can be ring fenced with automated alerts being set up to notify key personnel the minute an asset leaves an area it shouldn’t. By notifying organisations instantly, when there is the greatest chance of asset recovery, this early warning system is helping protect firms against the potential for accidental loss or theft.

Using RFID technology, Asset Track can monitor the location of anything contained within or attached to vehicles, including caravans, boats and more. Recieve automated alerts for: Voltage change, Battery level / disconnect, POI (Point Of Interest) Geo-fencing, Unauthorised use, Tamper, Speeding and Service

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