Additional Vehicle Monitoring - Matrix Telematics

Vehicle Monitoring

Tyre Monitor

Low tyre pressure creates increased rolling resistance which will in turn lead to higher fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear.


Many drivers do not realise that ‘blow outs’ don’t just happen out of the blue, it is the result of the eventual wearing out of the tyre wall which is caused in the main by low tyre pressure. As the tyre drives with low pressure, it appears slightly deflated, bulging at the side. That bulge is additional pressure on the tyre wall due to the lack of structural integrity and there will come a point whereby the wall can take no more and it bursts – a blow out.

Installing a Matrix Telematics linked tyre pressure monitoring system provides remote, advance notification of low tyre pressures across a fleet of vehicles before it causes an accident.


Matrix Temperature provides dependable assurance by constantly updating fleet managers with temperature measurements remotely. Our sophisticated technology will also generate an alert if temperatures stray beyond permissible parameters so remedial action can be taken immediately.

Integrated with standard Matrix tracking solutions, Temperature can produce a summary report of each journey alongside other key performance indicators. Matrix tracking solutions allow fleet managers to monitor driver timesheets, driver behaviour scoring, fuel efficiency scoring, vehicle health ratings and much more.

On-board Weight Monitor

Ensuring vehicles are never overloaded helps fleet managers avoid the risk of prosecution, fines or the loss of their operator’s licence. Matrix Weight Monitor monitors axle weight to help maximise load efficiency and provide early warning in the event of an overloading situation – or unauthorised unloading.

Accurate within 5% of the vehicle weight, Weight Monitor provides regular updates alongside standard Matrix telematics journey information. This allows fleet managers to monitor driver timesheets, driving style, fuel consumption and much more. Weight Monitor can be integrated with several third party weight monitoring system providers.

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