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Our technical team works closely with key partners, across multiple sectors, to create bespoke solutions that can be deployed by third parties or resellers.

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The Matrix Nano

Matrix Nano is a smart waterproof tracker that secures to the vehicle battery providing full telematics insights all accessible on the Matrix dashboard.

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Matrix Focus

Matrix Focus is a driver facing device designed to detect and alert to distraction and fatigue, ensuring full attention is paid to the road at all times.

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Carbit is small, cost effective and will power directly from your vehicle OBD-II port to deliver up to the minute telematics data and reporting on speeding events, driving score, mileage and geofence.

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Crash Detect

Be notified within seconds of any impact event across your fleet, underpinned by advanced GPS technology with 3-axis accelerometer detect activity enabling advanced reconstruction of the seconds leading up to and following the event.

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Tap into the brain of your fleet vehicles, organisations can now dramatically improve the performance of the vehicles in their fleet by carefully monitoring driving styles and fuel consumption.

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Know and report on the driver at any point in time with wired, wireless and keypad based ID solutions. Manage driving habits that have a major impact on fuel consumption and vehicle wear. Monitor the utilisation of plant & equipment and even restrict access based on the qualification license requirements or hours of operation.

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Asset & Trailer Track

Track your trailer fleet with location reports, journey reporting and auto message frequency. Matrix Asset Tracker offers peace of mind for assets that may not return to base for long periods of time thanks to long life battery powered hardware.

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Tyre/Temperature/Weight Monitoring

Ensure your fleet is and remains safe and compliant through Matrix Telematic’s range of additional monitoring technology including: Tyre Monitoring, Temperature and Weight Monitoring.

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Providing crucial information and timely prompts to vehicle-based workers can significantly enhance their performance. Additionally, the safety of your workforce should be paramount and looking after lone working mobile workers can be difficult, until now.

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Road Care

Matrix Road Care will map out the areas still to be serviced, help schedule workloads and provide evidence of completed work. This technology can be applied to off road maintenance vehicles such as ride on mowers to provide data such as the amount of grass cut in a session.

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Plant Track

When organisations invest huge sums of money into plant equipment, knowing where those assets are and how they’re being utilised at any given time, is essential. Matrix Plant Track provides this reassurance, plus much more.

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