• Add HD Video evidence to crash/incident reports
  • Enhance driver behaviour reports with in-car real-time video analysis
  • Remote video downloads on demand

No longer do you have to rely on simple packets of data to view crash incidents and dangerous driving behaviour.

Matrix have brought to life the next generation of telematics, meaning that you can actually watch an incident unfold in front of your eyes, minutes after it happened.


Receive automated video footage and a detailed FNOL report by email upon event trigger. Avoid timely and often impractical SD card retrieval from other camera systems, instead giving you incident evidence as it happens.


Video evidence supports non-fault road traffic incidents and expedites claim settlements, leading to future savings on premiums that can run into hundreds of pounds per vehicle.


Feedback driving footage to drivers as part of your advanced driver training programme aiding in the reduction of risk, running costs and overall driver safety.


Download driving footage remotely from your desktop and analyse more of your fleet activity, following up on recent non-incident related events.

Technical Specification

  • High Definition quality video at 720p and up to 30fps
  • Wide angle 120° field of view
  • H.264 format
  • Camera on/off controlled by ignition state or program
  • Telematics camera devices in constant communication via Serial interface
  • Telematics devices supported: MT2630
  • Camera weight 50g (excluding mount)
  • Camera dimensions 60 x 40 x 30mm (excluding mount)
  • Cable harness needs to be wired to vehicle power, ignition and ground
  • Camera tested to work up to 70°c

Please contact us on 0161 4411001 or for more information on how IncidentCam can benefit your organisation.

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