Plant, Equipment & Construction

Plant, Equipment & Construction

Matrix Telematics provides cutting-edge, ‘ready to go’ solutions for tracking plant and equipment that can help reduce costs and increase efficiency through:

  • Improved logistics and security
  • Monitoring utilisation and machinery health
  • Working more efficiently
  • Reducing fuel and maintenance costs
  • Unauthorised and out of contract usage alerts

Plant, equipment and construction firms receive all the information required to ensure assets are fully functional and secure with telematics technology.

Matrix Telematics helps companies track their equipment through a wide range of easy to deploy products, which can raise an alert when unauthorised movement or usage is detected.

These next generation solutions also monitor the health of machinery. They will inform organisations of problems before they become a bigger issue and threaten to disrupt the day to day running of the business.

The data supplied by these telematics solutions is enabling companies to improve business operations in numerous ways. Organisations are able to act upon the insights provided to schedule deliveries better, check timesheets and reduce maintenance costs.

Matrix Telematics has live tracking in a wide range of plant and equipment, including;

  • Access platforms
  • Floor cleaners
  • Diggers and earth movers
  • Road surfacing 
  • Lighting towers
  • Power generators
  • Air conditioning 
  • Traffic lights
  • Ride on grass cutters

Generally speaking, there is a solution to fit ANY type of plant and equipment.

There are a number of Matrix Telematics products that will specifically benefit your fleet business, please click on the links below for more information:

Matrix have supply agreements with market leading manufacturers to provide hardware solutions to facilitate the above services in the best way. Bespoke manufacturing is something that Matrix has experience in and are agile enough to manage if requirements dictate.

If you don't see exactly what you need, please contact us to discuss a bespoke solution.

As well as providing comprehensive visibility of the whereabouts of all of your plant and equipment, Matrix can monitor how your fleet is being used and who is using it. 

For more information or to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please call 0161 441 1001 or email now to see how Matrix Telematics can start saving your fleet money.