Come Visit Us at Fleet Live

Driven by our commitment to improving fleet safety, Matrix Telematics & DRiiVE Consulting have developed a direct to driver intervention piece called ‘DRiiVE’ that is underpinned by an innovative telematics and CCTV offering.

Fitting a black box to a vehicle is not a silver bullet. DRiiVE services ensure that the comprehensive telemetry data is properly analysed and interpreted correctly through Fleet Analysts and Data Analysts, which radically reduces Occupational Road Risk.

Dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and unnecessary acceleration significantly contribute to road traffic incidents but also negatively impact fleet running costs. By installing ‘DRiiVE WiTH Matrix’, you will spend less on fuel, maintenance and most certainly insurance.

High risk driving not only puts road users in danger but it also costs money- focus on safety and we know that the financial benefits will look after themselves.  #ThinkOnYourFleet

For More information contact us at or register to come visit us at Fleet Live using the link below.

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