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Fleet Management

Be Safe. Be Compliant.

Keeping your fleet on the right side of the law. Fleet operators are at risk of custodial sentences if, in the event of a serious road traffic incident, blame can be apportioned to poor, or negligent fleet management.Compliance and regulation of fleet operators is being increasingly tightened.

DRiiVE helps fleet managers to implement robust processes, which significantly contribute to the effective management of safe and compliant fleets. Fleet managers have access to historical data, from which they can glean information on areas for improvement: this helps to facilitate the safe and responsible running of your fleet.

'Think Safe. DRiiVE Safe.'

Vehicle Checks

Best practice suggests that commercial vehicle drivers should carry out a walk-around check of their vehicle prior to every journey. DRiiVE enforces the use of Daily Vehicle Checks and records them through the mobile app. When a vehicle is being driven without having been checked or with a reported defect it will be highlighted to our monitoring team. Fleet management best practice necessitates vehicle maintenance and servicing be carried out at intervals dependent upon vehicle type and manufacturers’ requirements. Using advanced vehicle registration (VRN) look up, service intervals and MOT dates are automatically loaded into the system, thereby avoiding errors being created by manual intervention.

Driver Checks

Prior to each day’s activity, each driver as part of their vehicle check process, must also submit a disclaimer through the DRiiVE app that authorises their eligibility to drive. This methodology is employed a supplement to ongoing electronic driving licence checks. Additionally, industry best practice is to carry out driving licence checks twice yearly. DRiiVE will support two driving licence checks per year, per registered driver with the option to perform additional checks in line with Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) accreditations and similar.

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