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Our technical team works closely with key partners, across multiple sectors, to create bespoke solutions that can be deployed by third parties or resellers.

How We Work

DRiiVE’s industry-leading approach combines the power of telemetry with the expertise of our Fleet Analysts and Triage Team. With our Intervene, Improve approach, we help your fleet to operate at its optimum – therefore reducing your exposure to occupational road risk and vastly reducing operational costs.

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Fleet Management

Compliance and regulation for fleet operators is being increasingly tightened and there is a risk any indication of negligent fleet management in the event of a serious road traffic incident can attribute blame. DRiiVE implements a comprehensive check for Fleet operators to be confident in running a safe and compliant fleet.

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Insurers and Brokers

DRiiVE’s solutions are specifically designed to control and mitigate risk and sit alongside your existing risk management strategy as a fully outsourced function providing significant resource savings. Our technology along with our fleet analysts ensure the most relevant information is easily understood.

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