LiveCam - Matrix Telematics



LiveCam offers fleet operators unrivaled information vital in the monitoring of goods in transit and driver behaviour.

Footage is continually recorded onto a DVR which is installed within the vehicle using a combination of bespoke cameras ranging from a single camera solution through to 16 cameras for larger vehicles. Data is stored onto the DVR but can be accessed remotely via the Matrix Telematics OnCloud portal, streaming live and historic footage with as little as a 2G network connection.

View tracking alongside live camera footage in one easy access monitoring portal. Stream footage from up to four cameras at once with up to one hour viewing time per vehicle per day depending on the tariff selected.

Each secure DVR will allow you to store a finite amount of data which will enable you to review incidents and journeys up to one month previous, larger storage capacity can be configured upon request.

LiveCam has already been proven to reduce insurance costs and enable fleets to operate more efficiently and with added security reassurances.

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