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DRiiVE With Matrix
DRiiVE With Matrix

An industry first has been released to UK market

DRiiVE is the UK’s first in providing remote driver behaviour intervention solutions integrated with services from our Triage Centre which launched at the start of January 2018. Since inception DRiiVE & Matrix Telematics have been pooling resources and recognised that fitting a black box to a vehicle is not a silver bullet.  Duty of care does not end once the box has been fitted regardless of how comprehensive the data gathered is and failure to act on such information makes it obsolete. DRiiVE services ensure that the comprehensive telemetry data is properly analysed and interpreted correctly through Fleet Analysts and Data Analysts, which radically reduces Occupational Road Risk.

DRiiVE Managing Director Colin Hartley had this to say: ‘Our sole purpose is to reduce deaths and casualties caused by the presence of commercial vehicles on our roads in the UK and beyond.  Unbelievably, even with the technological advances that we have seen over the past few years, 3 out of every 10 collisions in the UK involve commercial vehicles.

With the right processes in place and with the data being properly analysed and interpreted correctly, all from a central Service Management Centre, the way that drivers and vehicles are managed can be significantly improved and the Occupational Road Risk profiles of those fleets will be radically reduced’.

Already pre-market first adopter clients have seen the impact that implementing DRiiVE with Matrix intervention service has on fleet operations. From saving on insurance premiums, better vehicle care and the most important statistic, the increase in driver safety which effects not only the company but other road users. Achieving a bronze partnership from Van Excellence (DRiiVE), membership into The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)(DRiiVE and Matrix), and the pursuit of further partnerships is testament to not only our commitment but recognition from industry peers to the value DRiiVE offers in increasing fleet safety.


 It’s time for action it is time to #ThinkOnYourFleet.

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