Matrix Telematics dash cam logs incidents on cloud

Matrix Telematics IncidentCam
Matrix Telematics IncidentCam

Matrix Telematics has upgraded its IncidentCam dash camera to make it the only device on the market that can sync directly to the cloud and provide historical footage on demand and automated incident recording.

The new model now features 32GB of storage - up from 8GB - which equates to around 40 hours of driving video

The system can connect to telematics devices located around the vehicle to detect incidents with the corresponding footage being sent to fleet managers via email, with the firm saying this data can be stored for as long as needed on its telematics portal to be used for later analysis.

"Since launching IncidentCam at the end of 2015, our customers have been able to see just how valuable the data gathered can be, improving safety and security as well as lowering insurance premiums," said Geoff Ball, managing director of Matrix Telematics.

"Crimestoppers estimates that 'crash for cash' scams are currently costing the UK £400 million every year. Reliable dash cam technology is therefore critical to the modern fleet manager."

"Our upgrade means that even historic camera data can now be called upon as required, providing businesses with the ability to draw upon clear evidence that can be used as part of the investigative process," he added.

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Geoff Ball is the Managing Director of Matrix Telematics. 

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