What is Telematics?

What is Telematics?

If you have an active involvement in running a fleet of vehicles, plant or machinery, you may have been tasked with ways of saving money and measuring utilisation within that fleet. In doing so, you will have undoubtedly come across the word ‘Telematics’ and if so, you could be forgiven for asking yourself “What is Telematics?”.

Literally, Telematics is a combination of the words ‘Telecommunications’ and ‘Informatics’, morphed together to define the branch of information that deals with the long distance transmission of computerised information. To put it simply, telematics is the moving of computerised data from one place to another, with a purpose.

This computerised information, or as we would prefer to call it, ‘Telematics Data’ or ‘Telemetry’ is collected using a telematics device, which is either factory or retro fitted into vehicles and equipment. Data is collected using GPS, digital and analogue feeds, accelerometers and information from a number of ancillary devices. In some cases data can be pulled directly from the onboard computer via a Canbus (an engine management system) data stream. This data is then transmitted to a central database via GPRS for processing into something meaningful.

Telematics data on its own is fairly meaningless and difficult to gain any real insight into what it all means. Companies such as Matrix Telematics comes into the picture by processing the raw telemetry through a series of complex algorithms, until it can be translated and presented in a digestible format such as a graphs, table or alert.

Matrix Telematics has years of experience and knowledge in the field of Telematics, which has led to the production of a growing number of detailed reports, graphs and alerts showing viewers of the system essential management information. This helps organisations to be more streamlined and make significant cost reductions, which can outweigh the cost of implementation.

MI reports include but are not limited to:

So now you should be able to answer anyone when they ask, “Just what IS Telematics?!”

For an insight into how Telematics is benefiting businesses across the world and how it can complement your operation, speak to one of our Telematics experts on 0161 441 1001 or email us on sales@matrixtelematics.com now.

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Ian Fairbrother is the Technical Director at Matrix Telematics

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