Meet Tom Swindell, Senior Mobile Developer

Tom Swindell, Senior Mobile Developer at Matrix Telematics
Tom Swindell, Senior Mobile Developer at Matrix Telematics

Tom joined our growing App development team as a Senior Mobile Developer at the beginning of June this year - and is already proving himself to be a valuable asset to the team, working on our In-Car Apps projects with a particular interest in iOS development.  He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives on apps and programming.

Originally from the North West, Tom went to Stafford University where he achieved a BSc Games Design and Development, graduating in 2013. Whilst he enjoyed all aspects of his degree, Tom found that it was the development side that captured his imagination the most. As many graduates today are finding, it can be extremely tough finding your first job these days – however Tom was lucky enough to be snapped up before he had even finished his course, which meant he was able to transition straight from university, into the world of work. 

Tom moved from Stafford University to Bedford to take up a position as a Games Programmer at The App Developers (SaBe Interactive Ltd.) where he worked for 2.5 years, making games for iOS and Android, some prototyping for the Sony PSP and even a Facebook spot the difference game. He then moved to a short term post in in iOS development  at Viewranger, a walking app provider based in Cambridge, where he worked for 6 months before the North of England called to him again! His work at Viewranger, which he describes as ‘challenging but rewarding’, proved to be a great stepping stone to the work he now does at Matrix Telematics.

It’s fair to say that Tom lives and breathes technology and development, with pretty much every waking hour spent tinkering with both work and personal projects (he sometimes goes out to partake in Jujitsu though!).  In common with most people his age, the most heavily used apps on his iphone are of the social media variety! However, he does use ‘anything useful’ when it comes to apps – banking, cooking, navigation… and sometimes fitness!

It was his love of physics and gaming that lead him to seek out a position in telematics – and when we met him his passion and enthusiasm just shone through.  Tom is a great fit with the Matrix Telematics team on both a personal and professional level. 

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Mark Packman is the Chief Executive of Matrix Telematics. 

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