Behind the scenes at Goodwood - Matrix featured on ITV

You may have seen that I was featured on ITV4’s Cars Of The Future show on Monday night – which was a real first for me, but a thoroughly enjoyable experience! I thought I would give you a bit more of an insight into what happened on the day, and how Matrix’s technology was incorporated into the show.

So I was on set bright and early on filming day to ensure the telematics devices were installed in the vehicles properly and ready to receive an initial briefing at 8am from the production team.

It was fascinating to get a glimpse at the makings of a TV show. I watched them rehearse for most of the morning and then soon enough it was my turn to step in front of the camera. I was asked questions about the background of telematics, how the devices work, and how telematics can promote safer driving. Following this we had a break for lunch, after which the presenters took to the track.

Craig Doyle and Robert Llewellyn went around two to three times to get a feel for the car before having one monitored lap that they’d be judged on. Following both presenters completing the monitored lap, I was called upon to analyse the data and reveal what it could tell us about each driver.

But it should be noted that this was a unique arrangement. We gathered information from each driver and scored them based on a limited number of criteria compared to the wide range of metrics normally measured by our system. Simply due to the fact they were on a racetrack, not a public road, we didn’t take into account insights on their speeding, or the effect of urban/ night driving, for example.

Robert was expected to be the safer driver, taking the track cautiously with a slow and steady approach. Equally, we all expected to see Craig tearing round the course and seeing how fast the new electric car could go – but resulting in a poorer score.

But much to the surprise of Robert, Craig and the rest of us, what the data revealed instead was that Craig was actually the better driver! Robert’s driving style was much more dangerous than Craig’s.

As so often becomes clear when using telematics, you can never judge a book by its cover. We should never make any assumptions about a driver’s behaviour behind the wheel based on age, gender or personality – that’s the role of technology. It is only by using data gathered from a telematics device that we can really start to draw any applicable information.

Telematics gives us an opportunity to educate drivers about their behaviour behind the wheel and, as Robert learned, results are not always as you expect.

The day had an interesting end as my driver style was almost put to the test when Craig Doyle’s car to the airport was late prompting a mad dash to the car park after the recording – thankfully the car arrived and he got off in time! But that aside, I was also pleased to see the show prove once again that Matrix’s technology can be applied to cars of the future as well as the cars of today. Our technology is fully adaptable for whatever changes might come and, as such, is a future-proof product.

If you’d like to find out a bit more about how telematics can help you and your business improve safety and efficiency, get in touch for a chat.

Or if you missed the episode and want to see Matrix’s technology in action at the legendary Goodwood racetrack, click here to watch the episode on ITV Player.

About the author

Phil Powell is the Sales Director at Matrix Telematics.

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