Device meets growing demand for high quality RTA evidence

Matrix Telematics IncidentCam
Matrix Telematics IncidentCam

Specialist telematics provider, Matrix Telematics has announced the availability of Matrix IncidentCam. The device will give fleet managers event driven alerts via video footage which enables them to remotely view and control any incidents or road traffic accidents.

IncidentCam captures on-the-road event footage, from everyday collisions through to crash for cash scams. Such early notification of accidents provides fleet managers with the opportunity to instantly check on the wellbeing of drivers and to seek immediate recourse.

By raising an alert as soon as vehicles are involved in a collision, fleet managers can proactively handle potential business consequences quickly and efficiently. A First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report can also be immediately sent to any number of recipients.

“Matrix IncidentCam means we can offer our clients the opportunity to monitor and manage their fleet vehicles in the field” said Geoff Ball, managing director of Matrix Telematics. “The devices offer vital information on road traffic accidents or ‘crash for cash’ incidents – providing the evidence fleet managers need to potentially reduce their insurance premiums.

“Crimestoppers suggest that crash for cash scams are currently worth about £400 million per year. Matrix IncidentCam will help our clients to protect themselves by providing clear evidence that can be used as part of the investigative process.”

Matrix IncidentCam is available as an add-on to existing Matrix Telematics solutions and is also fully compatible with most telematics systems on the market.

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Geoff Ball is the Managing Director of Matrix Telematics. 

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