Vision and Mission - Matrix Telematics

Vision and Mission Statements

Our mission is to improve driver safety, connect fleet activity and be the proactive step for change

Our Mission

Safety should be at the forefront of every fleet manager’s mind. Bringing employees home safely at the end of the day, every day, is where our focus lives. Dangerous driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh braking and unnecessary acceleration significantly contribute to road traffic incidents but also negatively impact fleet running costs.

Our clients have realised the benefits of installing Matrix Telematics fleet management technology; better fuel management, maintenance cost reductions, an increase in fleet safety and decrease in insurance premiums. Most importantly however, you will save lives, those of your drivers and those other road users.

We continuously are researching and developing new products and services that helps us on our journey to reducing occupational road risk. Our new direct to driver intervention service ‘DRiiVE’,  App based  walk-around checks, dash mounted cameras, Driver ID tags, CO2 footprint monitoring, fuel monitoring and a comprehensive Matrix dashboard with key fleet performance metrics are key to optimizing fleet performance.

High risk driving not only puts road users in danger but it also costs money- focus on safety and we know that the financial benefits will look after themselves.


Our Vision

To achieve sustainable growth, we have established a vision with clear goals:

Drivers: Get drivers home safe everyday
Fleets: Keep fleets at optimal performance
Partners: A winning relationship with all partners advocating driver safety
People: To be a centre in which our employees feel a passionate about the work they do
Products: To be the standard, always the next step in The Telematics Industry.

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