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About Us

Matrix Telematics is committed to helping businesses realise the benefits of next-generation telematics technology.

Matrix Telematics was founded in 2001 by Wayne Shillito and Mark Packman, who between them now have almost 50 years of experience in delivering leading-edge telematics solutions. From their early days of primarily tracking vehicles, Wayne and Mark have grown the business to include a knowledgeable technical team who, led by their founders, pioneer the telematics field with products ranging from crash detection to tyre monitoring. As a result of this experience Matrix Telematics has an impressive portfolio of clients across a broad range of industry sectors.

Today, through our range of ready to go products, organisations can access crucial business intelligence quickly and easily. Matrix Telematics has worked hard to simplify the telematics roll out process, therefore helping businesses find ways to improve their performance, remain compliant and discover cost savings faster, without requiring in-depth knowledge of telematics.

As pioneers in the telematics industry, we remain focused on developing new solutions which can resolve an endless list of business challenges. Our technical team works closely with key partners, across multiple sectors, to create bespoke solutions that can be deployed by third parties or resellers.

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