Support Team

Rob Oliver, Matrix Telematics Head of Support

Rob Oliver, Head of Support

Rob joined Matrix Telematics in 2011 after completing a Masters in Management. As the lead member of the support team,  Rob keeps the processes running smoothly, manages the support team and specific key accounts, as well as liaising between accounting, development and sales.

Sam Threlkeld, Matrix Telematics Support Team Leader

Sam Threlkeld, Support Team Leader

Since joining Matrix Telematics in 2012, Sam has proved himself to be a diligent and dedicated member of the team, who works tirelessly towards the resolution of any issues and to the provision of impeccable customer service. He is responsible not only for the day to day running of the department, but also for the tailored support of individual accounts. He always leads by example and uses his vast experience to provide continuous training and development to the support team.

Will Packman, Matrix Telematics Support Team

Will Packman

After finishing school, Will worked at CCF, part of the Travis Perkins Group where he dealt with some of the vehicle telematics on the wagons going out on their deliveries. Will is the son of Mark Packman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Matrix Telematics. With telematics in his blood, it wasn't long before he decided to follow in his father's footsteps and join Matrix, where he has been a pivotal member of the support team since 2015.

Cassie Hunsley, Matrix Telematics Support Team

Cassie Hunsley

Following graduation from Salford University with BA (hons) Media Studies, Cassie worked in retail. She soon realised that her strengths lie in her interpersonal skills and ability to find solutions to problems – and that she really wanted something to get her teeth into. When she moved to Matrix Telematics, she rose to the challenge of learning the inner workings of our systems and is a valued member of our team.

Tommy Smith, Matrix Telematics Support Team

Tommy Smith

Tommy came to us in 2016 following a 6 month sabbatical playing cricket in Australia - prior to that he worked in estate planning, where he advised clients on their personal finances. On his return to the UK, Tommy decided that he would like to work in a company that would give him the chance to progress in his career – so he came to Matrix and hasn’t looked back. He now enjoys building relationships with customers and the challenging nature of his work.

Sam Stutter, Matrix Telematics Support Team

Sam Stutter

Sam has been part of Matrix Telematics since the start of 2016 bringing some extra creative flair to the Support team. After completing a BA(Hons) at the University of Manchester, Sam has worked as a lighting engineer and stage electrician in several theatres, as well as writing for the Manchester Evening News. He was drawn to the technical aspects of working with Matrix, and loves getting his hands dirty with the latest pieces of hardware!