SGB reduces theft and improves customer service

The Client

SGB is part of Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services, a premier provider of integrated specialty services to the global energy, industrial and infrastructure markets in over 30 countries. In the UK, SGB provides commercial scaffolding services as well as training, hire and sales, mechanical and powered access equipment, enabling customers to work safely and efficiently at height. Dating back to 1919, SGB is one of the industry’s best known and well-respected names within the access services field.

The Challenge

The nature of SGB’s business requires the company to transport high-value stock and equipment daily via a fleet of specialist vehicles.

Protecting assets against the risk of theft, particularly of the scaffolding equipment, was a big priority for the company. The fleet – a large network of cars, vans, 4x4s, tractors, trailers, HGVs and forklift trucks – needed a real-time telematics solution which could offer visibility to managers and financial reassurance to the business, in the event of theft. The business was also keen to improve the productivity of staff and to automate timekeeping where possible. To achieve this, SGB required a telematics solution that would allow it to monitor field staff performance. This could be used to meet internal KPIs but also to provide clients with timesheets that would offer better accountability for when workers were present on site.

The Solution

Matrix identified the need for SGB to introduce a solution for its business that allowed for better scheduling of deliveries and collections, as well as one that could locate vehicles and assets at all times and could immediately identify unauthorised usage.

The result was a custom-designed telematics solution installed not only on the fleet vehicles but also on individual loads to further protect the company from the risk of theft and improve the chance of recovery.
Matrix also worked with the company to implement a web based tracking solution with a driver ID module. This provides better traceability of field staff by enabling organisations to know exactly who is driving each vehicle at any given time.

In addition, Matrix helped SGB solve concerns that vehicles operating away from the depot could end up carrying extra equipment and risk becoming overweight. Although an existing on-board vehicle overload warning system was able to log overweight events, Matrix integrated a telematics element that enabled SGB to receive live alerts, via a web-based portal, whenever overweight events occurred. Matrix user-friendly telematics solutions were deployed across 11 locations and are used on a daily basis to streamline business processes, drive down risk and improve productivity.

The Benefits

Very quickly following implementation, SGB was able to identify numerous vehicles that could be removed from the fleet without any reduction in performance to day-to-day operations thanks to more efficient fleet utilisation and journey planning. As the relationship has developed, further reductions in cost have been achieved through monitoring and correcting drivers who were showing excess idle time and in identifying over speed events.

John McKeever, Transport Manager at Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services in the UK said: “We’ve been working with Matrix for a number of years and since then our telematics solution has prevented a countless number of high-value thefts from plant equipment and vehicles. As the industry changes and our customers demand improved services, the nature of our work means that we’ve always got equipment on the move, and we needed a solution that protected both our employees and ourselves. The benefits haven’t just been limited to us, but have extended to our clients as we’re now able to proactively provide timesheets showing exactly when our workers have been on site, creating a great deal more transparency and trust across the business.”