Matrix delivers peace of mind to local removals firm

The Client

Altrincham Removals Company is a long established, family company which has vast knowledge and experience of the removal and storage industry. The team prides itself on providing professional, small company care with large company capability. The nature of Altrincham Removals’ business requires staff to handle and transport customers’ household and personal possessions, which are all assumed as high value. The fleet is made up of specialist removal vehicles driving hundreds of miles up and down the country each day.

The Challenge

It has always been important for Altrincham Removals to inform customers of the whereabouts of their driver during transit. Prior to contacting Matrix, the removal firm was reliant on calling drivers and asking them to relay their location and estimated time of arrival over the phone. Finding out where a specific vehicle was at any point in time was using up valuable resources and energy. It was also more difficult to proactively inform customers on the whereabouts of the driver. The company wanted to provide a better and more professional service than this.

Safety and security were very important to the removals firm. Altrincham Removals hoped that a telematics solution would make it possible to check that employees were driving carefully, and insure themselves against drivers putting themselves and their load at risk.

Taking employee welfare further, managing director Carl Worrall also wanted to be able to check that drivers were getting to their destination safely at the end of long journeys, without needing to call them all individually.

The Solution

Matrix identified and outlined the possible solutions for Altrincham Removal Company quickly and implemented them with immediate effect.

The first solution, the CalAmp 2720 tracking device, was installed into all specialist removal vehicles to address the need for location visibility. The solution transmits live location data for each fleet vehicle. This can be accessed by management via a specialist portal. Accessible through desktop or mobile for convenience on-the-go, the information enables management to track every delivery and to alert customers if they see evidence of a delay. The information is also available as downloadable reports such as ‘Time on Site’ and ‘Alert History’ which can be used to improve efficiencies and inform driver feedback.

Matrix also implemented IncidentCam; a solution for capturing on-the-road event footage, from everyday collisions through to ‘crash for cash’ scams. Early notification of any accident provides the company with the opportunity to instantly check on the wellbeing of drivers and seek immediate recourse. By raising an alert when vehicles are involved in a collision, Matrix IncidentCam also helps Altrincham Removals to handle the potential business consequences quickly and efficiently

The Benefits

Following the installation Altrincham Removals is now able to operate much more safely and securely. Business owner Carl Worrall said: “Not only are we able to keep track of where a customer’s possessions are, but I can also rest assured that our vans are being driven with care.

Fundamentally, our job is to handle high value goods on behalf of our customers. I now feel safer and more protected against accidents with IncidentCam. If there were to be a road traffic collision then the camera would retain all relevant information leading up to and after the event.”

Carl also noticed immediately how easily he could identify and locate each vehicle, saving the company time when planning multiple jobs on a day-to-day basis: “As a result, the business has been able to operate much more efficiently and reduce its fuel consumption, which is an unexpected bonus.”

“Most importantly, I now have peace of mind” said Carl. “I don’t have to call a driver late at night to check where they are and that they’re safe. All I have to do is tap on my phone and see where they are, even if I’m on the beach! Matrix services have been 5 star and the system works. Without hesitation I’d put more vehicles onto it. I couldn’t fault the technology or the customer service.”

Looking Ahead

Following the success of the Matrix installation, Altrincham Removals is now rolling out the new in-vehicle Matrix Live Streaming camera system across its full fleet. This solution will provide the removals firm with additional protection against theft, and insure the drivers against allegations.